I am a fairly typical Aussie bloke… 55 Years old… and overweight (Morbidly Obese apparently).  I have pretty much been putting on weight for the last 30 years.

I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes in 2014 and High Blood Pressure a couple of years later…

I have NO Medical background or training (apart from what I  can Google), so any information contained in this blog represents my own (probably distorted) understanding/interpretation.

I am writing this Blog for me…not for you… But I hope that we all might learn something along the way.

You are very welcome to follow along if you like, and even comment if you feel the urge… but if you say something inappropriate, or maybe just something I dont like, If I am in a bad mood, I may just delete your comments and block you ?

Here I will be listing the costs associated with my Bypass Operation…. I’ve no idea if these are “typical”, but this is what I paid :
(These are my “out of pocket” expenses – costs have been reduced for the Medicare levy and, where relevant Private Health Cover)

Pre-Surgery Consultation & Tests

Surgery Costs

  • Mini Gastric Bypass Clinic Fee – $6,700
    • Includes the surgery and 4wk, 3mth, 6mth, 12mth and annual follow ups
    • Includes Dietitian Post-Op reviews at 2wk, 4wk, 3mth, 6mth and 1 year
    • Includes 2 years “Fresh Start” support program
  • Anesthetist – $2,200

Post Surgery Costs

  • Post Surgery “Food”


Select a Tab below for Pre-Surgery (going back 20 years) and Post-Surgery weight graphs.

Pre Surgery Weight Graph

The graph below shows Pre-Surgery weight (in kilograms) from 30+ points over a 16 year period from 2002 to 2018.

There were a couple of areas of interest here for me…

My weight was relatively stable for the last 5 years at around 125 kg, and for the 10 years prior to that at around 110Kgs. Dips in weigh t(2006, 2012, 2016) were as a result of concerted efforts in diet/exercise – which were successful in the short term, but I was unable to sustain them.

The most significant change in weight was in 2012 (where I put on 20kg in 12 months)

Post Surgery Weight Graph