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Time to Join a New Gym ??

I am thinking of joining a new gym... Not instead of my current gym (12Rnd Fitness - which I LOVE)... but as well as. I look forward to going to the gym so much (Endorphins are a wonderful thing), that sometimes at night, I am tempted to go to bed early, just so I can...

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Diabetes Free at last !!!

Today I had my final (hopefully ever) trip to my Endocrinologist and have been declared "Diabetes Free" at last ... HbA1c I have not been taking ANY diabetes medication since my surgery (35 weeks ago), an now (as per my HbA1c stats below) I am finally in the...

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Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery – The Video

I have finally got my hands on the video of my Gastric Bypass Operation. Despite researching Gastric Bypass a lot, I had never seen any video footage of the procedure, so I found this fascinating - particularly as it is my own surgery 🙂 It is much "cleaner" in there...

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10 Weeks after Surgery – Some Stats

10 weeks since my surgery and time for some Statistics My weight continues to drop off... it has been a little erratic... losing a little each day for a week or so... putting on a kilo ... and then having it drop off again.. but the overall trend is consistently down,...

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About Liver Cirrhosis

I have been aware that I have had a fatty liver for some time.... Although my liver function is fine, ultrasounds over the last few years have shown that it is enlarged (which is not unusual with obesity) and a Fibroscan undertaken last year indicated that it was...

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About Me

I am a fairly typical Aussie bloke… 55 Years old… and overweight…

About Bariatric Surgery

… a variety of procedures performed on people who are overweight…

About Gastric Bypass

a surgical procedure that decreases the size of the stomach and changes the way it and te small intestine absorb food