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Diabetes Free at last !!!

Today I had my final (hopefully ever) trip to my Endocrinologist and have been declared "Diabetes Free" at last ... HbA1c I have not been taking ANY diabetes medication since my surgery (35 weeks ago), an now (as per my HbA1c stats below) I am finally in the...

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Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery – The Video

I have finally got my hands on the video of my Gastric Bypass Operation. Despite researching Gastric Bypass a lot, I had never seen any video footage of the procedure, so I found this fascinating - particularly as it is my own surgery 🙂 It is much "cleaner" in there...

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10 Weeks after Surgery – Some Stats

10 weeks since my surgery and time for some Statistics My weight continues to drop off... it has been a little erratic... losing a little each day for a week or so... putting on a kilo ... and then having it drop off again.. but the overall trend is consistently down,...

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About Liver Cirrhosis

I have been aware that I have had a fatty liver for some time.... Although my liver function is fine, ultrasounds over the last few years have shown that it is enlarged (which is not unusual with obesity) and a Fibroscan undertaken last year indicated that it was...

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Diabetes ??? – I am CURED !!!!

Well no... Not Really... I am not actually cured (I still have susceptibility to Diabetes II), but at the moment my blood sugar is being controlled without the need for medication. Medically speaking, there is no cure for diabetes but it can go into "remission."...

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I am a fairly typical Aussie bloke… 55 Years old… and overweight…

About Bariatric Surgery

… a variety of procedures performed on people who are overweight…

About Gastric Bypass

a surgical procedure that decreases the size of the stomach and changes the way it and te small intestine absorb food