About My ByPass

This Blog covers the evolving story of my Gastric Bypass Operation

My Bypass aims to Record, Report and Reflect on events in the lead-up to… and following… my Gastric Bypass Surgery (which took place on Thursday 20th September 2018).

I’m not quite sure where this journey will lead us… or how far my story will go (I may very well get bored with it after a few weeks and let it go)…but like any Journey, it has to start somewhere, so this Blog will be based around the date of my Operation – ByPass Day – or B-Day for short.

I have created some posts based on “Milestones” in my past, which had some impact on my journey… but this blog officially started on Tuesday 14th August 2018 –  the day I set a date for my surgery.

I have created posts under the Pre-Surgery Category which cover my research, musings, and information I found out in the leadup to surgery.