My Exercise Obsession ???

My Exercise Obsession ???

I go to a local coffee shop for a pot of tea (or two) and read the newspaper most days…. Not long ago, I would have jumped in the car for the 3 minute drive… but over the last few months, this behaviour has changed, and now, more often than not, I walk…

1 hr: 43 min – 9km – 12000 Steps – 1100 Calories – 260 MEPs

The map to the right shows the route of today’s (1hr 43 minute) walk to my local Cafe … I actually walk past 7 other Cafes along the way – maybe I should be looking for a more direct route !!! 🙂

Over the last couple of months, the “15 minute walk” to my local Cafe has “evolved” into a more extensive trek (of up to 2hrs), involving a circuitous route, which (strangely) also seems to include pretty much all the good-sized hills in the neighbourhood…

As per my earlier post – Time to Join a New Gym ?? – I am also REALLY enjoying going to the Gym these days… but is 6 or 7 gym sessions a week and regular 5Km+ walks too much ??

Am I becoming Obsessed with Exercise !!!

So what actually is an “obsession” and is there a difference between a Healthy and an Unhealthy Obsession ???

“An obsession is when something takes over your life and you are not able to function or do your regular activities”

So by the definition above, an obsession seems to be a behaviour that is detrimental to your day to day life… so, therefore, is presumably “unhealthy” (or not good for you)…. so a “Healthy Obsession” would therefore be an oxymoron.

Whilst I do find that I am (mostly) enjoying exercising these days, I don’t HAVE to do it… and sometimes I actually choose not too…. so, on balance, I have decided that rather than being Obsessed… I am actually just Passionate about Exercise

OK… so now we have resolved that… maybe I should look into starting swimming (as well) 🙂