This one of a series of tests requested by my Bariatric Surgeon

Upper endoscopy is a procedure that enables a gastroenterologist to examine the esophagus (swallowing tube), stomach, and duodenum (first portion of small bowel) using a thin, flexible tube called the upper endoscope.  This procedure needs to be done in a hospital (day surgery) because it is carried out under a general anesthetic.

I have only had a couple of very minor sugical procedures under general anesthetic, and I am fascinated by how effective the anesthtic is (touch wood)…. One minute you are talking to the anesthetis, the next moment you are waking up post surgery.  It only takes second for the anesthetic to take effect and you have absolutoely no recollection of anythin while you are out – no dreams.. nothing.

This time (for fun) I thought I would try to “fight the anaesthetic… So when the drip started I toild myself stay awake… stay awake… stay…. and then I woke up in the recovery ward 40 minutes later.

Because this was a hospital procedure, my Private Health Insurance covered the Hostpital/Operating Theatre componetns (expect of course for a $500 excess), but I still had a gap fee for the Anesthetist ($150) and Gastroenterologist ($200)… Total cost to me $850