ECG and Stress Echo

ECG and Stress Echo

This one of a series of test requested by my Bariatric Surgeon

Electrocardiagram (ECG)

An ECG (electrocardiogram) is a medical test that detects cardiac (heart) abnormalities by measuring the electrical activity generated by the heart.

The ECG involves connecting a number of electrodes to various parts of the chest (after first shaving selective areas), lying down and undertaking a series of breaths and breath holds (as instructed by the nurse) while they test heart activity.

Stress Echo

A Stress Echo involves taking ECGs before and after “stressing” the heart – through exercise¬†or drugs.

Ideally the patients heart would be “stressed” by exercising on a treadmill with increasing speed and inclination until the heart rate reaches a certain level.¬† A Dobutamine Stress Echo is normally done for patients who are not very mobile – the heart rate is increased thorugh the injection of a drug (Dobutamine).

I was charged $150 for these procedures.