3 Weeks after Surgery – I Threw Up !!!

3 Weeks after Surgery – I Threw Up !!!

3 weeks know since my surgery and I am still feeling GREAT !!!

I have now lost 9Kg since surgery and am still feeling great… and continue to lose weight – but today… for the first time (probably of many) I Threw Up !!!

I was warned to expect this.. getting used to quantities and types of food I can eat is a normal part of the process… but it still came as a little bit of a surprise… I admit I am pushing the envelope a little on my diet, and today I thought  I could manage a sausage roll – as long as I chewed it up well.

I did manage three quarters of it before I started to feel full and a little uncomfortable (which is not unusual), so I stopped.  However, this time, after about 5 minutes I suddenly (without any warning) felt the need to throw up.

It wasn’t much … just a  couple of mouthfulls… but interestingly (to me anyway), it wasn’t the sausage roll that I threw up, it was a clear slimy “liquid”…. no sausage roll (chewed or otherwise) in sight.

OK… I know I should still really be on “mush” (I have another week officially) but in the last few days I have been eating a few “other” things (some chips, some BBQ shapes), but consciously chewing them very well before swallowing.

I know once I start “eating real food”, that throwing up is a normal part of the process in coming to terms with the types and quantities of food that I can eat… and I have been told that the “types” of food can be a more significant factor that the quantity.  In this case, I didn’t eat very much, but I am guessing my new stomach is not used to high carb/fatty foods.

I promise to eat better (at least until my next appointment next week with the dietician/surgeon) 🙂

p.s.  although I was tempted… I didn’t go back later and finish off he sausage roll 🙂