Pre Surgery Optifast Diet

Pre Surgery Optifast Diet

17 days to go before my surgery… so I need to start planing and getting my head around the “meal replacement” diet which I need to start 14 days prior (6th Sep).

The purpose of the pre-surgery diet is primarily to shrink down my Liver a bit (so they have more space in my stomach cavity for the keyhole surgery)… I will also (presumably) shed a few more kilos prior to the surgery.

For two weeks I get to replace ALL meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) withOptiFAST Very Low Carb (VLCD) Shakes, Soups and Food Bars… I am also allowed, for morning/afternoon tea a handful of berries or an apple, and with dinner 2 cups of veggies…. Oh Joy !!!

Apparently the first 3-4 days will be the hardest, while my body adapts to the change of diet and I may experience (short term) headaches, light-headedness and tiredness.  I also need to keep a close eye on my blood sugar, monitoring regularly and will probably need to cut down Diabetes medications by about half.

I seem to be slowly getting back my taste (which I lost about 8weeks ago)… but am not sure if this is a good ot a bad thing… I am not anticipating a “taste extravaganza” from OptiFAST.