10 weeks since my surgery and time for some Statistics

My weight continues to drop off… it has been a little erratic… losing a little each day for a week or so… putting on a kilo … and then having it drop off again.. but the overall trend is consistently down, and in the 10 weeks since surgery, I have lost  a total of 14KG… and little under 1.5Kg per week is pretty good  right ?:)

More remarkably, I am still completely medication free for my diabetes… my HbA1c Blood results have plummeted since surgery… and I am currently just a smidgeon above the “Non-Diabetic” range.


HbA1c is a blood test that is used to help diagnose and monitor people with diabetes. It is also sometimes called a haemoglobin A1c, glycated haemoglobin or glycosylated haemoglobin.  It shows the average level blood sugar levels over the past 2 to 3 months.

The graph below shows my HbA1c stats for the last 5 years or so – since I was diagnosed with Diabetes.  Soon after I was first diagnosed, I was able to control it pretty well with diet and exercise, but in 2015 it shot up and I started medication.  Over the subsequent years, despite increased medication it was never really well controlled… Since late 2017 it has gradually improved, but this was primarily as a result of increase medication (mainly mutliple daily insulin injections).  However, since my Gastric Bypass operation (just 10 weeks ago).. I have been complelety off all diabetes medication… and my blood sugar is almost back to “non-diabetic” levels.

This was not entirely unexpected (and was the primary aim for the operation)… However the results have been much more dramatic than I had expected.  Loss of weight in itself, is one of the most effective ways to reduce blood sugar… and I had already lost about 10Kg prior to the operation, and had seen a reduction in my medication… However weight loss is obviously a gradual thing , and the “overnight” impact on my blood sugar was a bit of a surprise… and seems to have been been as a direct result of the physiological impact of the Bariatric surgery.

Weigth Loss

The graph below shows (almost) daily weight data since my surgery10 weeks ago :

Unsurprisingly, the rate of weight loss is highest in the first week or two, but since then (apart from a few “hiccups”) has been fairly steady at about 1.5kg per week.  In th4 last 10 weeks I have lost 14Kg :).  The “trend” seems to be that iI lose a small, but steady daily amount (around 300g) for 7-10 days… then I put a Kg or two back on overnight, it rollercoasters for a few days… and then I start the gradual weight loss trend again.  Not sure if this is related to  hyydration… or diet.. or whether it is just a natural pattern.

I have not been down to this weight for about 10 years and I am “swimming” in my current wardrobe, but I am holding off getting any many new clothes until I lose a bit more 🙂

My next “major” goal is 100Kg… I will probably reward myself with some new clothes…and I have told myself that when I reach that I will start back at a gym and start to do more regular (and more “serious”) excercise.