2 weeks know since my surgery and I am feeling GREAT !!!

I have lost 8Kg since surgery and people have started to notice and comment…. Some have said that I am “looking a lot younger”… and I have even been called “boyish” !!!

I have survived my 2 week liquid diet…. It was actually a lot easier than I had anticipated…. I was not at any stage hungry – and had to actually remind myself to “eat” and drink.

I mostly ended up “eating” Up and Go (various flavours), Woolies Fresh Soups (Pea & Ham was my favourite), and Protein Water…. although towards the end I must admit I did sneak a few Jatz biscuits and BBQ Shapes (which I made sure that I chewed to a paste before swallowing).

I also had some fruit juices and blitzed up some fruit smoothies which made a nice change.

On just one occassion I think I ate too much and started to feel a bit uncomfortable… not even close to throwing up… but I did have some intestinal pain and diarrhoea…. I’m guessing this may be a little of what I need to watch out for when I start eating solids.

Now I get to start on “mush” – which actually isn’t quite as bad as it sounds, because I can have things like Scrambled or Poached eggs, and even mince (with lots of sauce)… I will do a more detailed post soon on what I get to eat for the next 2 weeks πŸ™‚