Okay… so today I start my 2 weeks pre-surgery Meal Replacement Diet… which essentially involves replacing all meals with OptiFAST Shakes/Soups/Bars with a few fruit and veges in-between – and lots of water.

I’ve been out shopping (spent $150 on OptiFAST) and the photo above shows pretty much everything I will be eating over the next 2 weeks.

  • OptiFAST Chocolate/Caramel Shakes
  • OptiFAST Berry Crunch Bars (No Chocolate available at the moment)
  • OptiFAST Chicken/Vegetable Soups
  • Some Veges – I prefer Celery, Carrots and Tomatoes (yeah I know they are really fruit)
  • Some Fruit – Berries and Apples – (Not in Photo)
  • Plenty of water (I can have carbonated water Before Surgery, but NOT After)… I will have Lemon Juice in it to make it more “interesting”… and I am not really supposed to have the Flavoured Mineral water but that is my secret (not so secret anymore) treat
  • Tea (I don’t drink Coffee) without sugar (but I can have skim milk) – I have got a few different varieties of herbal teas to make life a little bit more interesting too.