6 weeks since my surgery and I am still on track

My weight has been on a bit of a roller coaster over the last couple of weeks… going up and down a bit… I have more or less started eating “real food” so some weight gain is apparently not unusual… but overall there is still a good downward trend… and today I reached a bit of a weight milestone – under 110 Kg. I have not weighed this little for more that 5 years 🙂

My next “psychological” weight barrier is 100 KG… which I have not weighed for more than 12 years… and my target for this is Month 3…

I have been taking weekly photos, which I eventually intend collating into a timelapse…I have not noticed any dramatic changes in my body shape… although shirts are starting to feel a bit baggy…. and I will soon need to get some new undies, because my old ones are sometimes falling down when I walk 🙂

I certainly have more energy, and am building up my exercise.  I currently aim for at least 6000 steps (about 5 km) each day.

I am sleeping really well.. although have been waking up earlier and earlier (usually up by 0530 these days).


Although I am probably eating 1/3rd of what I used to, I am still not feeling hungry at all, and have to remind myself to eat.  As expected I can only manage small quantities of food at a time… A couple of poached eggs and 1 piece of toast or a muffin is too much for me to eat in one go…

I have also started to make up batches of fresh seasonal fruit salad (watermelon, rockmelon, pineapple, banana, strawberries, passionfruit, grapes at the moment)… and am enjoying eating this a couple of times a day as snacks.