Another pretty comfortable night (in my own bed), with a few odd dreams (I’m guessing a carry over from the General Anesthetic/Drip) .

Still no pain to speak of…. I did take a precautionary couple of Panadol before bed because I didn’t know what to expect, but I think this was probably unnecessary.

One of the 5 (tiny) dressings “fell off” in my morning shower… Well OK… it didn’t actually fall off… but the dressing did fill with water, which I didn’t think I should leave so I gave it a little encouragement… I was amazed at how small, neat and clean the incision was … unlikely to leave any scarring at all (there go my bragging rights).

Popped up for a cuppa and read of the paper at my local cafe… dropped over to Mums for a chat… did a bit of shopping (and bought a new set of scales as my old ones mysteriously stopped working all of a sudden – (at east I am pretty sure I haven’t put on 22kg since Thursday) – pretty much my standard Saturday morning.

My new set of scales (just $29) have BMI, Body Hydration, Body Fat, Muscle Mass and Bone Mass readings (which I doubt I will trust at all), but are also Bluetooth enabled and connect with a cool App to measure and record readings – aweseome !!

I had a cup of protein water for “breakfast” and was feeling a little light headed mid morning so thought I should also have a chocolate Up and Go (19g Protein) – after all I have had next to nothing to eat since Wednesday night.  For “dinner” I had a pumpkin cuppa soup (slowly drinking over 1/2hr or so).  I am not hungry at all and only eating because I think that I should.

Apart from Thursday night I’ve not had any Diabetes medications and so far Blood sugar has been good (pretty constant 6-6.5s).