Day 6 and everything still doing remarkably well…. Still no pain… Feeling completely normal (except I am not hungry)… Not struggling at all with the liquid diet… and no Diabetes medication since the day of surgery and my Blood Sugar Rocks !!!

I have been doing daily weigh-ins – and have lost 6Kg since the surgery 🙂

Another of my dressing came off in the shower this morning…. the incision is even smaller than the first one…. and I can probably take off the remaining dressings, but figured I would leave them for another day or so.  The original incision (dressing came off day 2) is a little red, and has a little yellow bruising around it…. but appears to be healing very nicely.

Dietitian Consultation

I had the first follow up session with the Dietitian today (was a week early because she is away next week)…. Everything good… I get to stay on my liquid diet (lucky me) but can switch to mush pureed foods next Thursday (14 days after op).

2nd dietitian consult (and first follow up with the surgeon) scheduled for 3 weeks time. These follow up sessions cost no extra because it is included in the original surgery fee.