Today is the day of my operation
The First Day of the Rest of My (hopefully extended) Life !!!

I’ve been out this morning to my regular weekly Business Networking Meeting/Breakfast. I saw no point in sitting around at home doing nothing but waiting…. although because I was unable to actually eat or even drink anything the “breakfast” was a bit light on.  Great to get encouragement and support from the team though 🙂

Update: I didn’t make the networking event as the surgery time was brought forward a couple of hours form that originally planned so timing would have been a but tight.

I had a final “shower” using antibacterial soap provided by hospital, dried with a fresh clean towel and dressed in fresh clean clothes.

I have my bag packed and am pretty much ready to go… here is what I am taking with me to hospital :

  • Laptop  and charger (I HATE blogging from a phone)
  • Phone and charger (need to be able to communicate)
  • Tablet and charger (want something to read)
  • 360° Camera and charger (never know when it will come in handy)
  • Slippers
  • Couple of changes of clothes
  • Basic Toiletries (toothbrush, shaver, deoderant)
  • Diabetes Medications

… and that’s about it… I only expect to be in for a couple of nights, so should be out Saturday.