Today is finally the day of my operation
The First Day of the Rest of My (hopefully extended) Life !!!

What I Expected

By now I am just about to be prepped for surgery…. Not sure if I go to my room.ward first…. or head straight for pre-op

This probably involves changing into a surgical gown… and maybe getting my my chest/stomach shaved… although because this is a laproscopic procedure I doubt if they will need (or want) to shave the whole lot.

I will be probably have a quick chat with the anaesthetist and surgeon (need to remind him to take photos) and will then be wheeled into the operating theatre.

What Actually Happened

Not my body (I wish)

Surgical Stocking – Not my Legs 🙂

Arrived in pre-op around 9:45 and got to dress in some “sexy” (not really) paper undies and a surgical gown…  Also got to put on some “sexy” (not a great fashion statement but surprisingly comfortable) compression stockings which I get to wear for the duration of my hospital stay (designed to mitigate against deep vein thrombosis)

Filled in and signed some more paperwork and directed to a comfy chair to wait… No cups of tea or cookies in sight (I have been fasting – no food or liquid since 20:30 last night).

Was taken to a pre-surgical ward and got into a bed.  Staff excellent – kept on asking me of I wanted a blanket… which I kept on declining (I don’t do cold).  I had my tablet with me to read – and they are a bit wary at first about an “electronic” device but were cool once I said it couldn’t take photos (I don’t think it can anyway :))

Surgical Nurse came in and had a good chat about what to expect…. Anesthetist came in and explained the process, Surgeon came in and discussed the procedure… Everyone nice and chatty… got a group photo with the Anesthetist (nickname Mr Bean) and the Surgeon (Sister Snogger) before being wheeled wheeled through a maze of corridors into the operation theatre around 12:00 (1hr behind schedule).

Faces blurred to protect the Innocent