Today is finally the day of my operation
The First Day of the Rest of My (hopefully extended) Life !!!

What I Expected

By now my Operation will be complete… I will have been wheeled into the recovery room and will come out of the Anaesthetic.

Surgical Nurses will come and go checking on me for a while, and then surgeon will probably drop in to let me known how the surgery went.

The nurses will help me to get up and encourage me to walk around a bit ASAP.   This is standard post-op procedure for laproscopic procedures, to encourage the re-adsorption of any Carbon Dioxide remaining in my stomach cavity.

Once they are satisfied that I am (mostly) OK, they will wheel me back to my room.

What Actually Happened

Came to in the Recovery Room around 13:30…. Oblivious of course of everything that happened during surgery.  Not sure if the Surgeon/Anesthetist dropped past (but I can’t remember them if they did).

No walking at this stage, but I now also have air bladders on my legs (over the top of my compression stockings) which automatically inflate and deflate… This is again to mitigate against deep vein thrombosis, and will stay on until the next morning.

I dozed off an on for a while and was wheeled up to my Ward and into the room (a shared room with one other patient who had had a bowel cancer removed laproscopically earlier that morning).