After a month of running around getting a whole series of different tests, I had my follow up with my Bariatric Surgeon.

All test were OK… no major dramas… EXCEPT a biopsy from my Endoscopy suggested potential “Barretts Esophagus” – which, if present, could result in a very slightly higher risk of Esophageal Cancer.

My surgeon suggested he would check with the Endoscopic Surgeon to see if they could narrow down where the biopsy was taken from (i.e. whether it was from the top of the stomach rather than the bottom of the esophagus).

Again, this surgeon focused on the risks of the surgery (which is not a bad thing) and I left with the impression that he didn’t think it was a good idea to proceed.

I waited a week… and another…. but heard nothing.

I eventually chased up to see whether I should go ahead with a scheduled pre-surgery consultation with a psychologist.  I explained that I didn’t know what the outcome of the previous consultation was, but I had the impression that the surgeon didn’t want to go ahead.  The admin staff said there was nothing in the notes about not proceeding, but I decided to cancel the psychologist appointment.

I have still not heard back…

I have no issue at all with discussing the risks of surgery… on the contrary, it is important that patients are aware of these… But I was very frustrated at being “left hanging” I didn’t (and still don’t) know the outcomes of a whole months  (and nearly $2,000)worth of consultations and tests.

My initial reaction was to forget about surgery… my hopes of the benefits and potential outcomes had been raised, but I had been frustrated by the process and it all seemed “to hard”… however, I decided not to give in… and seek a second opinion….

This consultation cost $125.