They discharged me from hospital this morning at 10:00 and I made it home before 12:00 – less than 24hrs after the operation Woo Hoo !!!

I had hoped to be out today… but didn’t really expect it… I thought I’d be in another night to get my blood sugar under control, but it is behaving nicely.

I am in almost no pain, just a little discomfort (feels like my stomach is a little “gassy”).

They’ve given me some drugs (which I had to pay for actually – $94) to keep me going…

  • An anti-nausea drug,
  • a drug to minimise Gastric Reflux (which is a common side effect of bariatric surgery) and
  • some strong pain killers (Oxycodon IR – which I have heard mixed things about and am actually not the  keen to try unless I have to)…

Feeling a little zonked, and tired but otherwise remarkably good. 🙂   Nothing quite lik your own bed 🙂