Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery – The Video

Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery – The Video

I have finally got my hands on the video of my Gastric Bypass Operation.

Despite researching Gastric Bypass a lot, I had never seen any video footage of the procedure, so I found this fascinating – particularly as it is my own surgery ­čÖé

It is much “cleaner” in there than I had thought it might be, and the video is not as gory or confronting as I thought it might be.

Saying that, if you are a bit squeemish, you may choose not to watch this :).┬á This video just shows the “highlights” – it runs for just over 6 minutes and the total procedure took closer to an hour.

Here are some timestamps and brief descriptions of what is going on :
(note these annotations are my own and not necessarily medically accurate)

  • 00:00┬á – fighting through abdominal fat to get to my stomach
  • 00:20 – removing fat from where stomach meets upper intestine
  • 00:52 – separating and stictching stomach to form new “mini” stomach
  • 01:37 – my new stomach
  • 01:46 – hauling in my intestine to find a suitable new “connect” point
  • 02:10 – attaching new stomach to lower intestine
  • 02:20 – cutting opening in new stomach
  • 02:40 – cutting new opening in intestine.
  • 03:00 – stitching up stomach/intestine join
  • 04:38 – final stitches
  • 05:42 – check stitchwork by inflating
  • 05:55 – cauterise
  • 06:05 – final┬árinse