In the lead up to surgery I looked into lots of medical research and studies that described weight loss surgery – and in particular examined at long term benefits and effects of Bariatric Surgery.

I also spoke with a number of people who had had different types of surgery.. and others that had considered it and chosen to try traditional weight loss strategies such as diet and exercise.

Not everyone had a good outcome from the surgery… or would recommend it to others… but the majority seem to have been happy.

I discovered that not many people in my own circle of friends had experienced weight loss surgery (or were comfortable talking about it), so I found myself broadening my scope to try and talk to a wider range of people who had had experience (or knew someone who had).

I would like to broaden this even further, and would LOVE to hear from anyone reading this who is happy to share your experiences.

So if you have had any experience with weight loss – good or bad – surgery based or not.. Please go to our Your Story page and fill in whatever details you are comfortable with (you can remain anonymous if you prefer).