Today is finally the day of my operation
The First Day of the Rest of My (hopefully extended) Life !!!

What I expected

By now the surgery should all be complete and I will have been back in my room for a few hours.

I don’t need to worry about any distractions like “hospital food” as I expect to be nil by mouth for the whole time I am here… All Nutrition and hydration will be via a drip.

What Actually Happened

The local endocrinologist popped in early evening to check my blood sugar levels which were (to me) surprisingly going up – when I had expected them to be going down as I hadn’t been eating anything. However, this was apparently a result of the anti-nausea medication, which is know to have this effect… so all good…

All in all a pretty good day… everything went relatively smoothly (apart form the Scarred Liver issue – which I didn’t find out about until later anyway) and reasonably closely matched my expectations.

Pain was nowhere near as bad as I had anticipated and all hospital staff have been awesome (as expected).

I dozed off and on until around 2100 (I think)… messaged various people with status updates… couldn’t be bothered getting out the laptop because sitting up with everything attached was a bit awkward… and settled in for a nights sleep…