One week ago I was lying in my hospital “recovering” from surgery… I was feeling a bit woozy, a bit uncomfortable and a bit “out of control” because I was connected to drips, oxygen, monitors and air pumps… but I was calm, relaxed and not in any pain at all 🙂

Its been an interesting week… but has been much easier than I had expected, or even hoped.

I was discharged the day after surgery, so have been able to sleep better in my own bed (without machines, tubes, or nurses prodding and poking).  I have not been in any pain, have had very little discomfort, have not needed any pain or diabetes medication, and am feeling GREAT.

I have been on a liquid diet all week, but have not been hungry at all, and have lost nearly another 7Kg (amazing what not eating anything can do for you).  My biggest challenge has been reminding myself that I need regular hydration and Protein (to encourage healing).